About FarmIT.US

FarmIT is a social enterprise committed to supporting small- and medium-sized farmers as they strive to increase efficiency, lower operating costs, and maximize profits. We work to provide large scale benefits to small scale farming business. FarmIT consolidates and analyze your business and technical data by using stat-ofart business process management tools to analyze performance trends and present options to build efficiency for higher revenues.

FarmIT solutions manage critical farm data and create a virtual enterprise to increase efficiency and lower operating costs

Our Mission
To empower small and mid-sized family farmers with large scale benefits through the latest cloud and mobile technologies

FarmIT.US for you

Affordable FarmIT solutions and our team integrate state-of-art Information Technology (IT) into your proven and established business processes and methods. FarmIT solutions streamline your farming business, whether you are a grower, a packinghouse or a marketing cooperative, we are your partner to improve business performance management and profits.

FarmIT helps equalize the playing field for smaller, family-run operations. By leveraging the latest cloud and mobile technologies, we provide independent farmers with the tools to successfully compete with their corporate counterparts.

Challenges in Farm Business Value Chain

Farm Business Value Chain receive significant values from FarmIT.US

  • Customer Needs: Harvest the data to find popular and profitable products
  • Branding : Create brand equity in the market
  • Pricing : Value driven price responding to customer demand
  • Profitable Market Reach : On-demand, on-time and on-line market
  • Cost Control : Manage farm costs from anywhere in real time
  • Operations and Logistics : Monitor progress in the entire value chain on-demand
  • Quality Management : Implement data driven quality control
  • Profitable Crop Planning Input: Use market intelligence for profitable crop planning
  • Scale Up Strategy : Benefit from FarmIT’s growth friendly IT Infrastructure

FarmIT.US Solutions

Manage Your Farm

FarmIT.US allows farmers to use their mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, IoT) to collect data in the field and send it to the office for further collaboration

Manage Your Value Chain

FarmIT.US solutions manage critical farm data and create a virtual enterprise on the cloud - increasing efficiency and lowering operating cost

Manage Your Form Business

Provides close integration with the help of IT while allowing farmers, packinghouses, and marketing cooperatives to maintain their independence

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An integrated family farm business value chain provides access to knowledge, technology, finance, markets leading to shared benefits.